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Text-only, does not open attachments

Displays all text in email but does not open attachments

Doesn’t work on OS X El Capitan

I just purchased it and insalled today on my Mac with OS X El Capitan. It doesn’t work at all: it doesn’t recognise or open any outlook message.

Just does… nothing.

Allows me to select a msg-file and then… nothing happens. Just no reaction whatsoever. No error-message, nothing. Very unsatisfying.

Fabulous! Exactly as Promised

After a frustrating hour of attempting to access .msg files on a SharePoint site, this wonderful little app did exactly what I needed. The messages are clearly readable and the attachments neatly organized for me to download. Nothing better than finding an inexpensive app that does precisely what it promises to do!

Cheap but mediocre

Despite its low price, this app is not worth it in my opinion. Even after setting the app to open .msg by default, Finder does not open those files for some reason. No icon is associated to that file type. Only way to open -msg file is starting the app and drag and drop or open the message from the file menu. Developer also admit that some .msg file may not open and makes it clear it depends on limited test data available to them.

Did what it needed to do...

I had two .msg files, one with a bunch of attachments. This app opened both, and allowed me to download the attatchments without any problem.

Does what I need it to do

Client sent me 400 .msg files containing data they need for a project, but I couldn’t read them. This $2 app saved the day. Does exactly what it says it does, at least for me.


I guess I am not smart enough to use this app. Downloaded trial, then installed from app store. It is still crippled. It shows up in my purchases as installed. Tried to use support site. Says I amm already registered, but won’t let me login. It would be nice to have a contact without registering for twitter.

Works like a charm!

This app works like a charm! Simple and easy. Love it.

Works great for a mixed environment at work!

I work in a mixed windows & mac work environment. Occasionaly .msg files are attached to e.g. our ticketing system. This allows me to open them even though I’m on a Mac. I would love the option to export as .txt files. Since others are happy with the support, I think I’ll throw that to the developer as a suggestion. Current export options are: .eml (the default), .rtf and rtf archive.

OUTSTANDING app and even better service.

I downloaded this app and was initially disappointed when it didn’t convert some ancient (by computer terms) Windows CE recordings that I had made on a Compaq iPaq pocket PC many years ago. So I sent a message describing my problem and got an immediate reply. To cut a long story short, Pascal addressed my issues very quickly and sent me a beta Mailreader Pro which converted the files perfectly. I’m going to download the Mailreader Pro version from the app store so I can leave the same review there. It’s worth every penny. Thanks for helping me retrieve my daughter’s voice from many years ago and thanks for the outstanding service Pascal!!


This opens all .msg files so far but only some of the enclosed attachments. Inconsistent.

Does the job

Worked perfectly for me. Opened up MSG files and didn’t have to bother with Outlook or whatnot.

A life saver

This little app is a life saver. It is ridiculous that Outlook for Mac doesn’t open .msg files, fortunately this app lets me read them. Now I don’t have to start up a Windows VM just to read an email.

Please fix the Appstore Bug!

Since you’ve released 2.0.10 the Appstore updated it every day when searching for new versions - this depends only at three of dozens of programs I’ve got installed and it’s pesky! I suppose MailRaider didn’t tell the system successfully that it’s updated!? Thanks in advance for your support, if it’s fixed I’ll pimp up to more stars.


I needed a simple reader to open .msg files. Oddly I have Office for Mac and it won’t read them. This app opens them and you have options to print, export, etc. It even has an “attachment drawer” that allows you to open attachments to the .msg file (provided you have the proper reader for the attachment).

Wow…It’s exactly what was needed,

This app did exactly what was claimed THANK YOU

Works as expected!

I needed to open a few .msg files. Got this app and it worked great. The price is right too! The other one I found was $8 and I didnt buy it because I thought it was ridiculously expensive for an app that does something so simple as parse a file and display its data. Thank you, Mr. Harris! You saved the day!

Excellent app - saved my bacon!

I had a specific need, and this app met my need with ease. I was able to get questions answered by the developer himself too - very quickly. This is what all apps should be like.

Very useful app!

As an IT professional I work with all sorts of email. I recently switched to a mac and was suprised that .msg file could not be opened with apps I had already installed. This app is simple, easy to use and gets the job done! Thank you!

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