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Text-only, does not open attachments

Displays all text in email but does not open attachments

Doesn’t work on OS X El Capitan

I just purchased it and insalled today on my Mac with OS X El Capitan. It doesn’t work at all: it doesn’t recognise or open any outlook message.

It works!

Thank you for this great app.

Please fix the Appstore Bug!

Since you’ve released 2.0.10 the Appstore updated it every day when searching for new versions - this depends only at three of dozens of programs I’ve got installed and it’s pesky! I suppose MailRaider didn’t tell the system successfully that it’s updated!? Thanks in advance for your support, if it’s fixed I’ll pimp up to more stars.

Just does… nothing.

Allows me to select a msg-file and then… nothing happens. Just no reaction whatsoever. No error-message, nothing. Very unsatisfying.

very good application

I forgot to pu star in my last evaluation. 5 star. Jai oublié de mettre des étoiles dnas ma dernière évaluation. 5 étoiles.

LOVE IT!!!!!

I searched and searched online to find a program for mac that opens and reads .msg files and their attachments. Finally I thought maybe theres an app for that in the actual Mac App Store. Well turns out there is, and its amazing (and free)! If you still feel that this app should be apaid for, visit the website and donate to a charity or the developer. Ive read some negative reviews and think its crule for people to write bad reviews when they are probably doing something wrong. In saying that, the app is very easy to use and Im extremely satisified with it!

Great App

this is a great app to quickly for viewing Outlook emails!

Works well

Got some old information out of an outlook file. Worked well, lightweight, and simple. Thanks!

The best way to read Outlook .msg files

Yes, I am a switcher. Its been many years, but I still have some old emails in .msg format from the bad ol Windows days. Previously I was using TextWrangler to read the text portions of the emails, but it wasnt an ideal solution as there is a lot of other stuff in there in addition to the text, and if theres an attachment, too, then it gets really ugly. MailRaider is a great alternative. It displays the emails without any unnecessary clutter, saves them in rtf format, and provides easy access to any attachments.

Great App

Does exactly what it is supposed to! Can read .msg files, pull attachments, print, and one-click reply to recipients. Always great to have software that works as advertised. Thanks!

Hard sell

I was sceptical at first but wow, it works like a dream and I highly recommend it. I switched last week. Thanks MailRaider!

simple and effective

Small app footprint, simple functionality, clean doc, works like a charm. DOES WHAT IT SAYS IT WILL DO! have only good things to say (plus it looks like the developer wants to keep updating it)…. love simplicity in software design, so top marks!

Fabulous! Exactly as Promised

After a frustrating hour of attempting to access .msg files on a SharePoint site, this wonderful little app did exactly what I needed. The messages are clearly readable and the attachments neatly organized for me to download. Nothing better than finding an inexpensive app that does precisely what it promises to do!


Very good app. Thanks



Quick and simple! great!

I found this app directly from the context menu on the .msg file (that neither Outlook 2011 nor Mail are able to open). Installed the app in few secs, launched, dragged the .msg file on the app icon on the dock and dropped… done! You can view the email and find, select, copy, save as rtf….. Quick and simple as that! Many thanks Pascal!!

Cheap but mediocre

Despite its low price, this app is not worth it in my opinion. Even after setting the app to open .msg by default, Finder does not open those files for some reason. No icon is associated to that file type. Only way to open -msg file is starting the app and drag and drop or open the message from the file menu. Developer also admit that some .msg file may not open and makes it clear it depends on limited test data available to them.

Wouldnt open a .msg

If it wont open a .msg file, what good is it?

Does not work at all!

No way to open .msg files, absolutely useless.

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